Credit Insurance (Failed Insurance)

Credit Insurance

An insurance  product that provide cover to the Creditor for the risk of money losses experienced or carried out by the Debtor caused the inability of the debtor to fulfill their obligations based on the agreement.

Exclusion :

-Sentenced to death.
-Accident of all non-commercial  flights except accident in flight due to work risk.
-Intentionaly involved in persecution, violence, rebellion, riots, disorder, or terrorism.
-Natural disaster.
-Chronic illness  for years based on hospital records.

Bond (Collateral for The Contract)

A form of guarantee in which the insurance company guarantees  the Principal (contractor/vendor/company) will carry out obligation on an interest to the Obligee (beneficiary/project provider) with the contract/agreement and/or the provisions of the applicable laws, the insurance company will provide compensation to the Obligee if the Principal defaults on the contennts of the contract.

The product guarantee :

-Bid Guarantee
-Guarantee of Implementation
-Guarantee of Advance Payment
-Guarantee of Maintenance