Marine Insurance

Marine Insurance

An insurance product that guarantees loss, damage and liability to the vessel frame, goods and/or interest trasported or underwritten.

Marine insurance i.e :

  • Marine Hull Insurance;
    Guarantees loss and damage to the frame and engine of the vessel caused by marine hazard, fire, explosion, robbery, and etc.
  • Insurance of the transport of objects or goods;
    Guarantee loss, damage and liability for the goods and/or interest insured.
  • Insurance that provides protection to vessel owner, operator, tenant of legal liability to third party.

Guaranteed risk :

  • Fire or explosion.
  • Vessel ran aground, stranded, sunk and capsized.
  • Land conveyance, upside down or off the rails.
  • Vessel collision or with other objects except water.
  • Unloading of goods at the emergency port.
  • Earthquake, tsunami,volcanic eruption or lightning strikes.
  • Waves swept away to sea.
  • Entry of seawater, lake water or river water into conveyance, vessel, container, box car or off-site storage or land conveyance.
  • Thrown and fell into the sea during loading or unloading of goods from the vessel.